We passed Stad, Norway’s Caspe Horn, in company with the Norwegian boat Salto.

Started in fresh but shortly dying wind that forced us to motor for a while.

The wind came back, and we were able to sail close to the impressive rock in a warm, and somewhat variable, breeze from the shores. Stad is known for its dangerous and confused seas.

We were spared the dangers, but the sae was markedly higher and irregular as we passed this headline thar protrudes like a fist from the coast.

It is also tricky in the sense that there are no harbours for the 15 or so nm around the head.We carried on a bit further north and entered Fosnavag (Fosnavåg) around lunchtime. This is a small town with a protected harbour but with nothing much beyond provisioning to offer.

Having had lunch in the somewhat smelly (fish and diesel) harbour, we left for a better option. to the west – Runde.