Floro and Silda

The landscape has changed now. Higher mountains, wilder and much less houses and cottages along the shores. The wind comes and goes between the high mountains. Luckily, it has styayed around S allowing us to sail quite a lot downwind up the beautiful channels.

There is markedly more snow on the higher mountains inland and even on some of the island we pas inside.

Cold in the mornings but warming up in the afternoons.  We shred layer after layer of cloths as the day goes on and sometimes end up with shorts and T-shirt in the sunny cockpit.

Passing the island of Alden with its characteristic mountain “the Norwegian horse) (Norska Hästen). The mountain rises straight out of the ocean, 481 m above sea level.

We spent a night in Norways westernmost town Foro (Florø). Nice marina, good facilities and shopping nearby. The busy ferry terminal is also nearby. Quite noisy but luckily not during the night.

One can tell that we are getting north by the evening sun that sets at half past ten now. It is still sunny and warm in the cockpit at eight in the evening.

We reached the small island of Silda on the second day. It is the last harbour before the open (and dreaded) passage around Stad.

Fees are paid in cash in an envelope for the not so crowded pontoons.

We tried to fish outside Silda. Stopped the boat over some 10-15 m rocks and put on our new “Svenskepilk” on the rod. We had a small pollack (NO=lyr, SW=bleka) hoked. We decided it was not enough for dinner and throw it back. No cod but another pollack shortly thereafter that we decided to keep hoping to catch one more. They are said to be good fried and one each would have been enough. But that was not to be. We gave up after a while and throw also the second one overboard. Now we know to keep what we catch as you never know if there will be anything better.

There is a nice walk around the Island of Silda. It is marked 1.5 km but for us it was more than double and then we only took some shorter detours on our way. It has several viewing points with benches where one can admire the scenery and look out towards the Stad peninsula.

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