Another rainy day allows us some rest and time for administration and laundry today. Tomorrow looks promising and we hope to be able to continue sailing. There are some interesting fjords just south of Alesund that we would like to explore.

We left Mageroya and was met by a westerly in the fairway outside. It was perfect for sailing, and we started tacking upwind.

Slow going against wind and a week tide for a couple of hours before the wind died down. Out faithful engine was put back in service all the way to Kristiansund. It was sunnier then on the last visit.

We heard from a Norwegian boat thar one should have fish and chips in “Fishan”. The instructions were clear, as always, when we got them but, it took us three trips along the docks and roads before we found it (good exercise). It was a small shop that had a 60’ies feel and the fish was excellent (and the ships a bit underdone to our taste).

We left quite early and were able to sail downwind for a few hours before the wind became to week in the swell of “Hustaviken”. Back to motoring past impressive breakers.

We met one of the Swedish boats, Lotte, on our way and chatted on the VHF for quite some time. It had, unfortunately, not been possible to arrange to meet in a harbour, maybe next time.

We arrived in Midsund in the afternoon and were lucky to get the best spot in the marina from a boat just leaving. The marina is very nice and there are several groceries and other shops nearby. The islands offer a lot of well chartered hikes.

It was sunny and warm. Maybe a little to warm for a hike up the stair. This time we only did 150 meters above sea level where we stopped for a beer (non-alcoholic) and to admire the view.

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