Hustadvika and Kristiansund

Hustadvika present the next challenge for a sailor going north. It is a stretch of near 30 nm with few shelters and mostly open water. Hustadvika is in part shallow and has many little islands and reefs creating unpleasant seas. The tide is irregular and ads to the confusion.

We had a fresh westerly and fair weather as we left lovely Ona early. One reef in the main and sometimes in the genoa to. Downwind sailing with good speed, sometimes surfing near nine knots.

We managed coffee as normal around eleven. But for once, we replaced the lunch with some fruits and chocolates as the waves had gathered in size, the motion of the boat did not inspire cooking.

Once again, we sailed together with Salto. Today she had to push a little harder than us the keep the same speed due to her shorter hull.

We arrived as planned in Krisitansund, a town with some industry and a good marina and had dinner onboard Sally on the crabs we cooked the night before.