Runde is an island far to the west. It has a small community of people but, the largest bird colony on this part of the coast. The marina is small, with room for two boats at the pontoon.

We arrived here in the afternoon after rounding Stad. We took a short walk to the information centre and an ice cream in the sun. The weather was fantastic with very light winds and summer temperatures.

Having oriented ourselves the previous afternoon, and taken advise from our neighbours on the pontoon, we unloaded and unfolded the bicycles. A 3 km road along the coast took us from the harbour to the starting point for the walk up to the birds. The bikes were locked to a fence and the clime started.

The first part was steep but once we were up on the moor, the going got a lot easier. We found a nice rock to sit on for a coffee and sandwich (as good an excuse as any to rest tiered legs).

We did not see all that many birds, but the views were breathtaking.

The fairway towards Alesund lies behind the small skerries.

We tried to sail for a while when we left Rude but never exceeded 1.5 knots. It was nice and calm whilst we had a salad for lunch in the cockpit but took us nowhere fast. Vetus was put to work as we gracefully motored across flat water towards Alesund (Ålesund).