Today has been a cloudy day without wind. Good visibility but a light rain on and off. Just enough drops to dot the teak. Not quite wet but, leaving  irritating drops on our glasses. We motored all day.

Karmoey sound (Karmøysund) had a lot of industry but also some nice stretches.

We motored through Haugesund and were not very tempted to stay.

We steamed on to our planned destination on Rovaer (Røvær) Another gem along the coast. Rovaer is a group of islands NW of Haugesund, almost as far out as Utsira. It has one of the most protected small harbours with a very narrow, albeit well marked, entrance.

We found the taxi stand by the ferry dock – there are no cars on the island.

Walking towards the top took us on a detour across fields and over rocks. We should have taken the blue, not the red, path but, who was to know. Good exercise and nice views rewarded us for our efforts. And, quite rainy on the way back to Sally.