We left Kuringenvagen before breakfast and motored southwest in the archipelago. Past Kjeungskjær Lighthouse lighthouse once again.

Sone after, the fairway turned south and we had a moderate westerly for about 30 minutes that allowed us to sail until a wooded island blocked it out. Back to motoring and as we turn SW again, increasing wind heading us.

We motor all the way to Mageroya (Magerøa). This is a recreation island owned by the Norwegian state. They have done a nice job of keeping the old trading post buildings in good condition. And a lot of effort have recently been devoted to restoring the open agricultural landscape of old days.

Mageroya is known to have been inhabited since before Viking days. It has been important for the trading along the coast for centuries.

Visitors are welcome and there are now two pontoons, all with finger pontoons. One finds many paths and activities for all ages on the island.

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