A sudden end to our sailing

We came back to Granskar (Granskär), where we celebrated Midsummer, one month ago, on Monday after a 900 nm tour to the north. It has been a fantastic month in excellent summer weather. We had spent the day close reaching in easterlies giving us a quick run down from Kusokalv.

The next day, we went in to Gavle for provisioning. Last time was Lulea, 9 days ago and there was very little food left on-board. On leaving Gavle, the engine failed us in the narrow, dredged fairway. We tried to get the sails up but there was not enough space so we got stuck in the mud.

We were just outside the harbour, only some hundred meters from the rescue vessel of SSRS. They came out, after a few phone calls, and pulled us free and towed us back to the harbour. The Swedish Sea Rescue Society offers a service to their members where we can call for assistance; this was the first time ever for us.

We have had increasing problems with the fresh water cooling water system for quite some time now, having to fill water before we start up the engine. What happen today was that as we increased power a little more than normal to go against the head wind, pressure in the system increased and a hose connection came apart. We heard the “bang” but taught that we maybe had hit something in the water. We learned differently as the temperature alarm sounded.

We also got help to contact a mechanic who came the same afternoon. His conclusion is that the cylinder head or gasket is damaged as there was quite a lot of exhaust gases in the cooling water. From what we see today, there is no water leaking into the cylinder(s) so we are able to move the boat short distances under our own steam carefully and at low revs. The repair is difficult, maybe time consuming at this time of the year, and costly. We have decided that we will replace the engine instead. We have moved to the marina and are now trying to puzzle together a lift out and transport of the boat to our planned winter yard who will install the new engine. Eva has gone home by train to return by car early next week when we hope to have everything organised.

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  1. Bad luck, Sally. We wish you det all succes with the logistik puzzle! //Hubert

  2. Men så trist! Vi som hoppats möta upp er nånstans på vägen. Får bli en annan gång. Kram och lycka till
    Sissela och Håkan

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