Our plan was to continue north from Nordskot through the easternmost sound, Tjeldsundet. After a windy night and morning with gust up to 40 knots (20 m/s) we were a little hesitant. The southerly wind had turned SE to E and would not be favourable. Also, out charger/inverter was not only blinking but also going on and off, so we mailed to Vitron in Sweden. They suggested a service company in Svolvaer and that made for an easy decision.

We sett sail after lunch and had a nice breeze towards Svolvaer. We also called the service company, and they said that would not be able to help the following day. We decided to stop in Skrova, a nice little island five nm before Svolvaer.

We did not clime the 282 m mountain, said to have fantastic views, the following day. Instead, we walked to the beaches on the NE coast. They are known as the Hawaii of Lofoten. Fantastic white seashell beaches.

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