Rodhamn (Rödhamn) became out last port in Aland. It has been some very nice weeks in the Archipelago Sea.

One must make a rather long detour NW up to Sotunga from Kokar before it is possible to head SW. This made the first part of the day very pleasant open reach in sunshine. Then, the tacking started and lasted almost all the way to Rodhamn. The name translates to Read Harbour and comes from the extremely read granite of the rocks.

In some places one has to sail in the same fairways as the ferries. They are huge and it feels like they take up most of the water. Best to stay sa fare to the side as possible, or tack into a bay as we did here.

Rodhamn has been an important harbour on the main sea rout from Sweden to Finland since the Middle Ages. It was a busy harbour right up to the beginning of the 20th century with a pilot station manned from 1818 to the 1920s. Now, it is run by the Aland sailing association as an outharbour with all facilities, except garbage handling.

Rodhamn is very popular with sailors crossing to and from Sweden as it is the closes harbour to Sweden in the area. There is about 30 nm open water between the archipelagos.