Sally on the road home

We sorted out all the arrangement and found a transport home for Sally. Eva went home Thursday to return Monday with our car.

Torgessons, a transporter from Orust, was going to deliver a boat to Lulea and was passing Gavle with an empty trailer on Wednesday. This was perfect for us and at a very fair price. We had great help from Jens in figuring out how to lift the boat. He suggested Fliskar (Fliskär) marina. They have a mast crane capable of 600 kg which is enough for our rig. He also helped us find a mobile crane to lift the boat on the trailer.

The engine did not cooperate when we tried to start it to go to Fliskar yesterday. We did not dwell too much over this, just called Jens. He promised to tow us out with his boat. He did so most expertly and gently in the afternoon and put us by the mast crane. Unfortunately, the crane did not allow us the vertical lift we need for our keel steped mast.

We had to reschedule the mobile crane for today to allow time to also lift the mast. No problem in principle but, instead of having plenty of time to take everything of the mast and prepare it for transport the job now had to be squeezed to a very short time.

Sally ready for transport to Vindo Marin for the winther.

All this made our day today very mixed. The transport arrived early and the crane arrived on time at 1 pm. Until then, we had very little to do but to drink coffee and eat lunch, then started a hectic activity as the very expensive mobile crane clock was ticking.

Everything went smoothly with two very experienced and careful professionals and with help from friendly club members lending a hand as they were passing by. In a little more than two hours the rig was lifted and the mast stripped clean and Sally loaded.


We started our drive north late afternoon after winding down some. We are on our way to Evas son Daniels wedding in Umea (Umeå) on Saturday with some extra time on our hands. We had decided to visit Mellanfjarden, a nice old fishing village that we had not been able to fit in as we passed by. We had secured the last room in the small hotel there yesterday. Tonight, we had a nice dinner in their dock side restaurant making completely different plans for our two remaining weeks before work starts.