We did quite a long stretch yesterday mostly in open waters. The wind was dead against us as we left Oregrund at 7 am so we motored for three hours before setting sails. By the, wind was steady but, still heading us, so we made a couple of tacks. The wind turned slightly to the north as we rounded Brornen (Björnen) lighthouse and turned eastwards and, we could ease of the few inches on the sheets needed to give us speed

It was a quick but quite bumpy ride east for three hours before we entered the protected waters of the bay of Gavle. We have now formally entered northen Sweden (Norrland) as we passed Dalalven (Dalälven) shortly befor entering the bay. Aroun 450 nm coastlime now remains if we whant to reach the Finnish border.

SXK has an out harbour at Granskar (Granskär) where we spent the night. A brand new pontoon with electricity was available. The question is now whether there will be space available during Midsummer as we plan to come back on Friday morning.

Today we motored the 5 nm to Gavle where we have cleaned and provisioned the boat. We are now waiting for our wife’s to arrive by car late evening.