We wanted to reach Sandnessjoen (Sandnessjøen) before some heavy weather arrived and left Bolga quite early. We motored in the lovely Helgeland archipelago favouring channels and sounds among the smaller islands to the west of the larger ones.

It was still calm when we stopped for some cod fishing and secured dinner. Then a light breeze picked up allowing us to sail southwards but preventing us to catch he big cod we were trying for.

Sandnessjoen is a small town with a good harbour. We were happy to see Carmensita and Salto on the pontoon. Friends took our lines and promptly lured us onboard Salto to meet the family and have an anchor dram of Myken whiskey.

We have now crossed our northward track (red) and concluded our 550 nm sail above the polar circle (dashed yellow line)

We were able to move to the leeward side of the pontoons between the rain showers the following day. We tied up with all our lined with dampeners to be secure in the expected storm.

Eva left with the ferry to Nesna today to meat with her aunt who has been receiving several packages for us. Now we have spare parts for the toilet and stove to be installed the next rainy day (not to far of if we are to believe the forecasts).

Midsommer was celebrated with traditional food and drinks.

Wishing everyone a nice midsummer and summer.