Polar circle and Rodoy

We left Mo i Rana early yesterday in very little wind and a following tide. We were at the end of the fjord after almost 30 nm. Here, we had a choice of several destinations. West, northwest or north as the furthest.

You probably know us by now if you have followed the blog. Yes, we went north. We passed Handelsoya (Handelsöya) shortly after we left the fjord. This is where Eva went fishing with her aunt and her family as a child.

The water opened up north of Handelsoya and we were, for a while, able to practice the noble art of tacking upwind. Interesting, as we had first a 90 degrees wind shift to east and, half an hour later, a 45 degrees shift to west. We had, for a short while, the same heading on two different tacks.

As the channel narrowed up between the high mountains, we reverted to motoring passing a beautiful, almost uninhabited sound east of Luroy (Luröy), the island where Eva’s father was born.

Then onwards towards the Polar Circle Monument on Vikingen.

Having entered the land of the midnight sun, we motored up to Rodoy (Rødøy) with its characteristic mountain Rodoy loven (Rødøyløven, ENG The red island lion).

We climbed the 440 m high head of the lion today. The views over the Helgoland archipelago is magnificent from the top.