Torghatten and Bronnosund

The wind had died down over night to a week northerly. We decided to motor north. The goal for today was Torghatten (the market square hat). A mythical island and a clear landmark from afar.

Legend has it that there were eight virgin sisters. They were not ordinary people but children of the giant King Sulitjelma. They were swimming in the sea when Hestemannen (the horse man) saw them. He immediately fell in love and decided to take one of them. The girls realised this and fled south.

Seven of the sisters throw themselves in the sea near Austahaug. We can see them to this day as the mountain range “The Seven Sisters”. One sister Lekamoya (Lekamøya) continued south. The giant King Bronnoyfjelene (Brønnøyfjellene) sees the hunt. When Hestemannen puts an arrow on his bow the King throws his hat and the arrow goes right through it. Lekamoya is saved and the hat lands on the water and turns into rock. And there it lays to this day .

The big hole from the arrowis still there and out goal is to walk through it. We find the visiting pontoon in the small marina empty and ties up. It is about 3 km cycle ride in a beautiful summer landscape to the start of the path up the mountain.

The path has recently been renovated and a group of Himalayan sherpas has built a stairway in stones with 1001 steps. A masterpiece in itself. The view towards land when you reach the hole in the mountain at 140 m is impressive.

You can walk through the hole, encouraged not to linger due to the risk of falling stones. The hole is 160 m long and 10-28 m wide and 29-59 m high. It feels like walking in a cathedral.

We took a coffee break on the other side. From here, one can look out on the beautiful Helgoland archipelago with its thousands of small islands and skerries.

The walk down on the west side is steeper and used to be quite demanding (there are still warnings in some of the texts, even on site). We felt safe with the new stone stairs. The return to the starting point follows the sea.

Cycling back to the boat, we had a view of the seven sisters  in the far distance.

The forecast for the night and following morning is for SE winds blowing right into the bay so we decide to motor the 5 nm to more protected waters in Bronnoysund (Brønnøysund). One passes under the winding bridge before entering the marina.

Here we found the Saturday night on the town commotion but also a nice hot shower and a beautiful warm summer evening. Or is it night when the sun sets at half past eleven?

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  1. Hej Sally!
    Följer er segling norrut med visst intresse. Påminner en hel del om seglingen vi gjorde 2022 tur och retur Tromsø. I sällskap med Azelia. Även om vi aldrig gick in till Mo i Rana.
    På fortsatt väg norrut vill vi absolut föreslå ett besök på Myken, med eget whiskey- och gindestilleri. Och en stjärnkock från Oslo! Vill ni ha fler goa tips så hör av er, vi delar gärna med oss!

    Segla nätt!
    Håkan och Annette ( f.d Comfortina 35 ”Hubert”, numera Najad 391 ”Anna Karenina” på väg mot Guernsey och Jersey)

    P.S Längre norrut har ni den Schweiziska båten ”Freya”. Se upp med den! Vi stötte på dem ett par gånger 2022 och har bara riktigt dåliga erfarenheter från deras sätt att bete sig! D.S

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