Leaving Rasvag, we were shot like a cannon ball out the narrow sounds. They became funnels to the easterly wind with their high mountain sides and we found ourselves doing 7-8 knots dead downwind under reefed main only. Conditions stabilised and swell grow as we continued out to see with a pooled-out genoa added to the reefed mainsail.

Ruff and fast going in a near westerly direction to round the Sira reefs at a safe distance. We opted for at least 100 m under the keel to avoid the confused seas for which the reefs are known. Then northeast keeping the same depth as we passed the islands outside Egersund. Fast going peeking 9,5 knots and averaging well above 7.

The wind died down a little and the sea settled further north, and we had a lovely reach in warm offshore winds. We arrived in Tananger after 10 hours and 65 nm.

We had some dolphins playing around the boat for more than an hour.

Tananger is a small town with a rather large commercial harbour mainly for the oil- and gas industry on the North Sea platforms.

The old harbour is next to the big one and separated by some islands. The village is nice and there are several shops for provisioning. Eva’s cousin and family visited us in the afternoon. We then stayed an extra day in Tananger. Eva needed to see a doctor for some more medication. Whilst she went with the buss to Stavanger, Hakan took a bike to do some provisioning.

The afternoon was windy so we had a nice long walk around the town instead of sailing. We met this old pilot on the lookout.

Please note Sally as the leftmost boat.