Ready for Norway

Sunday was a family day for Eva and a fixing day for Hakan. It is amazing how many small things needs to be dealt with on a sailboat. This year we experienced a lot of air in our fresh water. After some searching Hakan found a leaking pre pump filter. By replacing the filter with an old one, that was kept as spare and clearly market “LEAKING”, the problem was solved. Careful cleaning and gentle tightening of the O-ring seals did the trick or maybe it had just repaired itself during the two years it has been laying amongst the other “could be good to have some time” parts onboard.

Yesterday was spent at the awning makers Rossy (Rössy) where Johan and staff provided excellent service on short notice. Our new sprayhood and cockpit tent was adjusted to a good fit. Now it only needs some time to adapt to be perfect. It is modelled on our old that they made in 2017 with some improvements to keep it tighter and more stable.

The evening was spent with sailing friends that now have traded the boat for a camping van. We walked to visit them and had a lovely dinner. The moon was up on our way back to Sally.

Today started nice with a light and warm southern wind. Well, with 10 deg C and a hazy sunshine it was at least warmer than the freezing temperatures we have experienced so far. We motored across to Kungshamn to take on diesel and some medicines before continuing north.

It is nice and quiet in the archipelago at this time of the year. We had a most enjoyable trip most of the way and met only two other boats during our 20 nm to Vaderoarna (Väderöarna). Although, the April weather lived up to its reputation and turned up a heavy rain shower that for a period turned into hail. And the sea on the 5 nm open passage to the islands, was quite confused and annoying.

We are the only boat in the old pilot harbour and the small hotel is closed. The islands seam deserted except for some carpenters working on one of the houses. We have yet to meet a living sole. On the positive side it saves us a rather hilarious harbour fee (we expect it might have been negotiable at this time of the year…) and leaves us to our own resources – the old diesel air heater is back in business.

We are now on one of the westernmost islands of the Swedish coast. The plan is to cut across to Norway tomorrow and the bow is already pointing in the right direction. Risor (Risör) is about 60 nm to the west.

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  1. Ha en fin tripp över👍
    Och så fin hon blev med det nya fina och fin blå färg
    Tror ja det att ni är lite Alena
    Vädret har väl inte varit på topp
    Följer er på traffic
    Kramar från oss
    Segla fint♥️

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