We left Lohals after breakfast yesterday and sailed down to Aero (Ǽrø). We had following winds and sunshine to the beautiful but winding Svendborg sound. And, then again down to Aero.

Svendborg sound

Aero (Ǽrø) is our favourite island in Denmark and we love the old town of Aeroskoping (Ǽrøskøping) where we always try to more in the old harbour. Here the fees are even more modest than in Lohals but, no bikes include.

Aeroskoping (Ǽrøskøping) is like a museum town were time stopped a hundred years ago. It used to be a centre for sailing costal traders. And when the trade died out, the town lost its drive – until the tourists arrived…

We have visited several times. This time around we cycled on the island. A 30 km ride on our small bikes took us on winding small roads to lovely scenery and the local brewery and, gave us sore behinds.

There are many beautiful cycle paths around the island. Our first followed the NE shore and then we took a shortcut across the island to another one close to the SW shore, which we left for the brewery in Store Rise. The local brewery has a variety of beers and ales. Our favourite is their walnut bear.

Voderup Klint, Aero where the lands is sliding down into the sea in giant steps. The lowest level, at sea level, is of clay with a lot of shells frpm a waqrm sea aproxx 120 000 years ago. It also acts as ”lubricants for land slides. The last major one was in 1834.

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  1. Ser att ni har en fanatisk fin resa
    Ja danmark bjuder på fina upplevelser 🙏🥰
    Och vädret verkar vara på er sida👍
    Härligt att cykla omkring och uppleva och få en god öl
    Ha det så jättebra
    Och var rädda om er
    Ses i december ska bli så kul
    Kramar från oss 🥰⛵️👍🇸🇪

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