We left Ornskoldsvik very early yesterday in order to pass a rather boring coast with few harbours in one day. Motoring out, them sailing upwind till the wind died and then motoring again took us the 50 nm to Norrbyskar (Norrbyskär). The last 15 nm or so includes aome very interesting narrow, shallow and partly unmarked old fairways, much more fun than motoring at sea.

There are a lot of pontoons like this where you can more for the night. This one is at Norrbyskar.

Norrbyskar is an interesting old industrial site. Once home to Swedens (at the time) largest sawmill. The new steam driven saw was started up in 1895.It was built by Frans Kempe and his company was the start of what is now MoDo. Kempe had a vision of a model society and built nice houses, school and church for his employees.

One of the houses for workers. Each house had 4 flats, 2 on each flor. Few wokers in Sweden lived like this around 1900.

This morning, we motored up to Umea (Umeå) or rather a harbour 20 km outside the city.

The coast is different now, much lower and not so many islands. Some call it the ”Long Coast”. More than 150 nm open (by Swedish standards) coastline before one reaches the northernmost archipellago around Lulea.

Umea is a nice city but for some reason all bridges around it are 12 m or less so it is impossible to reach for sailboats. We made it to Patholmen just as the rain started to trickle. Patholmen is a welcoming club harbour with nice facilities including laundry and sauna, al included in the reasonable fee. Yesterday was still not as bad as expected with only light rain until evening when thunder, lightning and heavy rain showers rolled in.

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  1. Hej på er! Ser ut som ni har det bra, önskar er en fortsatt bra seglats. Men snart ska skidorna på. 😁😁

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