Sailing the “High Coast” offers three kind of winds; downwind, headwind and no wind. We experienced all three of them yesterday whilst sailing approximately the same heading. Luckily, we had mostly following winds but some furling, motoring and unfurling was necessary to cope with the effect of high wooded islands.

The narrow and now dredged entrance to Haggvik

We arrived at Haggvik (Häggvik) in early evening. The entrance was narrow but well-marked and the small dock offered excellent facilities. We decided to stay today and started up laundry early in the morning before taking a hike to “Stortorget” 135 m above the boat.

The bay at Haggvik. The small harbour is behind the island in front of us.

This area is subject to land rice. What we see today was 2 500 years ago a large bay. The lake below us was as late as 200 years ago connected to the sea allowing the material to the church in nearby Nordingra (Nordingrå) to be carried by ships all the way. In 500 years time, our harbour is likely to be a small lake.

The impressive view from Stortorget. Sally is at the small dock in the innermost bay to the right.

Eva did in total 3 washing machines and managed to get all our laundry done and dried before barbeque on the dock and pleasant talk with the other sailors until rather late. The sun sets at 10.45 pm and the nights are not dark.