A nice easterly wind and sunshine took us the 11 nm to Kvitsoy (Kvitøy). This is a small archipelago of low laying islands NE of Stavanger. Kvitsøy is an island municipality. At only 6.29-square-kilometre (2.43 sq mi), it is the smallest municipality in Norway by area and one of the smallest by population.

There are several entrances to the islands, all quite long and narrow. We selected the eastern  entrance which is well marked.

The islands are beautiful. We took the nature path from the lighthouse. It passes a replica of the old light and hjeads westwards over the fields. We met a lot of sheep with their young lambs but hardly any people.

The rocks here are quite different from what we have in Sweden and SE Norway.

The harbour at Ystraboe (Ystrabö) where we are staying is extremely well protected and the village have the small white wooden houses that is now becoming so familiar to us.