We sailed from Leka to Rorvik (Rørvik) where we met up with one of our sons, his wife and two-year-old daughter, a real charmer. We had two wonderful days with them on Sor-gjeslingan (Sør-gjeslingan). The weather was exceptionally warm with clear blue skies.

On the first night the small pontoon was host to two Swedish boat when we were joined by friends on Xavita.

We had out crab pot out, from the pontoon near the breakwater, during the night and caught four large crabs using chicken bones as bait. Trey tasted delicious and we were all so excited over the catch than, among four persons with cameras, none of us managed to document them.

Sor-gjeslingan is an old fishing hamlet once home to more than 4 000 fishermen in season, now in part a museum.

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