We sailed in nice weather and following winds from Reine. Leaving gave us a different view of Reinebringen .

Popping into Sorvagen (Sørvågen) introduced us to another small hamlet well worth a visit. But not for us this time. Instead, we headed for Vaeroy (Væröy). This was a potential stop for the night but, the going was good so we just past nearby before continuing further south.

We had seen fog on the sea in the west and some sneaking in over Vaeroy. Rost (Røst), our revised goal for the day, was often hidden in fog as we approached.

We also saw the fog lift creating a mystical feeling. We used the radar on the approach and was lucky enough to see the fog clear as we were approaching the channel to the harbour.

The fog returned later in the evening.

We had a nice walk among the drying fish on these low laying islands that constitutes the southernmost part of Lofoten. The smell from the fish was ever present.